Mobile Engagement Platform

Monetizing Consumer Real-Time Purchase Intent for our Partners Mobile Apps
Customer Experience & Journey Personalization
Increase Activation, Frequency, Wallet Share & Retention via Curated Real-Time Mobile Engagements


WHAT your customers want to buy

WHERE your customers shop

WHEN your customers are about to pay

All BEFORE they even make the purchase

We can predict the next purchase decision with our unique real-time data.


  • Discover your Customers Physical Shopping Journey even when your Products are not used
  • Enrich CRM Database & Customer Segmentation with Physical Customer Journey
  • Engage Your Customers at the Moment of Truth with Personalized Campaigns
  • Improve Activation, Frequency, Wallet Share, Retention, Up/Cross-Sell
  • Make Data-Driven Partnership Deals to meet your Customer Expectations

Real-Time Mobile Engagement Capabilities



Mall/Avenue Visitors
Store Visitors
Store Category Visitors
Custom Segments



Near / In Mall or Avenue
Near / In Store
Near / In Store Category


Message / Action

Push Notifications
SMS / Email / Call Center

Real-Time Engagement: 4 Levels of Granularity & Visualization

1- Near Mall (Radius): Bring customers into a shopping venue
2- In-Mall (Polygon): Engage customers already in the venue

3- Near Store (Radius): Get customers into merchant store
4- In-Store (Polygon): Engage customers already in the store

This is how Mall IQ’s unique store visit data enhances what your bank already does today.

In this scenario, there is a bank funded offer to increase the frequency of usage for the banks payment method, also making sure the campaign budget is used most effectively.

Instead of launching a mass campaign, we help our client to target their customers that have visited Starbucks at least 5 times in the last 3 months and exclude the customers who already pay w/ the banks payment method. Therefore the campaign budget will be used totally for incremental revenue.

Now the team can use this segment to deliver the campaign in any method including push, sms, email.

And all this can be done either with Mall IQ dashboard or the clients own systems through our secure APIs.

Request a demo now and let us explain how we can increase your revenues with minimal effort.